When I woke up the other morning I heard this tapping sound coming outside my kitchen window. As I came closer to the window the noise became louder and sounded like someone was knocking on my front wooden door.


When I looked out of the window I saw this red ring and white ring around eyes and neck of this dark brown creature with a long beak going back and fourth on this tall thick round tree. It was a woodpecker and for the one’s who do not know what a woodpecker is  I’ll say that it is a beautiful bird that has a strong beak and that can make a lot a of noise while trying to make a nest or finding a knew home while it is carving out a big tree trunk.


The bird was so loud pecking at the tree that it sounded as if someone was at my front door knocking! Even my dog ran to the front door and started barking at the knocking sound. My dog realized after a few moments that no one was at the front door knocking so my dog stopped barking at the front door.


So I needed to get a little more sleep with all that noise going on outside, I just got a couple of cotton balls, and plugged them into both my ears and went back to bed. I was again woken in about two hours later when my landlord was riding on his riding lawn mower and cutting the grass out front.


While I was awoke I received a phone call from my medical doctor from the hospital to make an appointment to see him. I have not been to see the doctor in a while, I need to work on my health so I’m glad I got a call from the doctor to come in.


About an hour later I then received a call from my broker that works with me on investing and trying to get me to trade, and I was not ready or prepared to do any of that at this time. It was wash up time now so I got the water running and the soap and toothpaste ready.


I still had to get my morning walk in for exercise and with my dog also getting her morning workout. From the woodpecker, and the landlord, and the doctor, and the broker, and running water and my dog, all of this produced a harmony of communication.


The many different sounds of knocking from the bird, the barking sound of the dog, and the sound of the riding lawn mower from the landlord. Everyday there are people like myself and you that will communicate whether we recognize the sounds from wherever they are coming from. We may take for granted the sounds sometimes that are all around us for instance a brewing coffee maker perking early in the morning, and the smell of the coffee aroma.


Sometimes I can hear the birds tweeting in the morning as well as other creatures making their sounds, I can hear the water and see the stream running over the bed of rocks. From the natural sounds of nature is one of the most important keys to communicating with people.


It is true that the natural sounds that we come into contact with are hopefully in harmony, and  gives us a sense of good health and wellbeing. We need to learn how to communicate with each other as people and to be in harmony like nature when it wakes up in the morning time full of beauty and a wealth full of love.