Planting a garden to grow food, or to see and smell beautiful flowers can be what many say is “heavenly.” Of course when you start your project to plant your garden you are going to need tools and supply’s. You will need a shovel to dig up the ground and to turn over the dirt. You will need seeds to plant, you will need a hose to water the seeds that you planted in the earth.


There will be other tools that you will need to plant your garden. You may decide to plant corn and green beans, cabbage, pea’s, carrots, tomato’s, onions, and for something sweet you may plant watermelons, strawberries, and maybe some grapes. Hopefully over the growing season what you have planted will sprout up, and that you will reap a beautiful harvest of the seeds you have planted.


Like a big farm, the farmer has to have tools and supply’s. The farmer may use a tractor to plant his seeds. The farmer may have a combine as well as an 18 wheeler semi-truck to transport his harvest to a storage bin. These are just some of the tools a farmer may use to help with his garden or field. Whatever is grown the food is for a bigger picture such as to help feed the global world.


Your personal garden would be used to feed yourself and your family and  friends. Depending on the weather being good with a lot of rain to help your crops grow, and bugs that might try to eat some of your food that you have planted, you may not get the full crop that you were expecting.


What I have described above is the investment you have put forward to reap a harvest of what you have planted. You have invested your time, your money, your sweat which is your work ethic to have a beautiful garden which will benefit you in the future when your crop is ready for harvest. The farmer does likewise when his crops comes into harvest to  feed the global world market.


Planting a garden is like investing in the global world market. You will need some tools and supply’s. You will need a broker to help you make a trade, you will need to open an account, and you will probably need a guide to help you to understand from the beginning of how the market operates.


What you are doing is planting your seeds by investing in the market to reap a harvest in the future, and it can be beautiful as your garden. You may lose some of your trades as you may lose some of your crops to unexpected conditions. An example would be if your green beans did not sprout up, or your carrots did not mature properly. you would lose out on those plants you had planted. But the upside is that your corn came through and your pea’s, and your cabbage came out excellent. Your sweet strawberries, and watermelons, and grapes are looking wonderful.


Well the key to investing in the global market is to plant many trades, as you have planted many different types of seeds of food. All of your trades may not sprout up, and the ones that do sprout up will reap you a beautiful garden for the future to benefit you. Planting your seeds in the global market is like planting a garden. You are waiting for your harvest to come in. And when it does it will be beautiful.