I was walking the other day outside in the beautiful sun filled neighborhood when I looked over at a grill that had not been in use. I thought to myself  this is memorial’s day and it’s time to fire up the grill. As I was thinking that thought a person came out of their home and said to me “ happy memorial’s day,” and I said to him ” thank you.”


It was a little humid outside that day from the rain that occurred early in the morning and it seemed that it was getting a little muggy at the time. As I continue to walk I saw people jogging and people walking their dog. I still did not smell any grilled food as I continue to enjoy my walk.


The funny thing is that I never thought about burning or losing weight while I was walking, I thought about smelling that great food on the grill while strolling down the sidewalk of the neighborhood. I came almost to the end of the block when all of a sudden I picked up a scent of grilled smoked garlic and onions with some type of meat that seemed to blend in with the other spices that made up the smell of something real good that people were going to eat and enjoy.


I started to pick up my pace toward that smell, I knew then I was working out and burning off some pounds. As I got closer to the smell of that grilled food, the smell or aroma got stronger. As I approached the home where the food was being grilled, out of the right corner of my eye about 20 feet away was a critter with 3 little more critters beside him or her.


I stood and stared at the critter not moving one bit. It stood and stared at me. I was enjoying the smell so was the critter and it’s young one’s too. At that moment I heard a screen door open from the home and a lady came out on her porch and said “the food smells real good doesn’t it?” And I said “yes it does,” at about that time the critter came closer to the grill where I was standing and raised her back end and sprayed it’s scent everywhere.


Of course that critter was a skunk. All of a sudden I heard the lady screaming and yelling at the skunk to get out of here. At that moment I started running, and the great smell of that grilled food was gone. The smell of  skunk had now turned that wonderful smell of great grilled food to one of the nastiest smells you could ever imagine.


As I was running away from the skunk smell, I knew I was burning some calories and dropping some weight off. I had gotten about two blocks away and I could still smell the strong odor  of the skunk. I looked back and the skunk and it’s little one’s  were burning off some pound too. They kept running toward me as it seemed like they were trying to find that good smelling grilled food again.


The skunk just did not realize he ruin the smell of the real good food, I yelled back at them and said “ It’s Gone!”