Have you ever went to buy a pair of shoes and there was only one type of brand of shoes you could buy? Some people would be upset. A pair of shoes means two and not one. When you fill out a job application there may be a section asking you what type of hobbies do you like? Hobbies means more than one hobby.  If I just posted one article then all you would receive is just one article instead of many articles.


When you go to the Big box retailer super food market store you expect to see many items or products, and shop for the items or products that you want. I think you would get upset if there was only one item or product to shop for. If you went to a restaurant and ordered  steak and eggs, but you had a taste for ham and eggs, and the restaurant did not carry or have that for you and the only item on the menu was steak and eggs, I think you would get mad, and go to a restaurant that had a variety of many mouth watering food dishes that would be filling and that would please your appetite.


If you were to grow a garden would you just plant onions and not other plants?  It’s possible that you would if that is just your only niche. A niche is something you know about or you have experience with. It may be something you specialize in and you are very good at it. A lot of people who are in Internet marketing online has a certain niche that they are experience at and they market or try to sell that niche to you or me online.


In the health and beauty field you may have a gift for making a bald head into a full cluster of hair with a product that grows hair. That would be a good niche to sell your product because people start to lose their hair when they get older. What if you could help people grow hair on their eyebrows then you could also promote that product  which would be another niche.


What if you could promote and sell socks with the shoes you are selling, and what if you could  promote bacon and eggs, and ham and eggs for your customers to eat at your restaurant, and what if you could plant corn and beans and tomato’s along with your onions in your garden? This is called the many niches a person could promote and have customers to choose from instead of one niche a person may get stuck with to choose from.


There are a lot of people who search the Internet online for many items they may need, and your item may be the one or many items that you are promoting in that certain niche that they may choose from. Information is also a big factor when someone may make a choice in purchasing a product online, so it is very important when you are marketing on the Internet or promoting your product that good information is provided for your niche product.


Whatever niche that you are experienced in or good at and you choose to promote it on the Internet, think outside of the box that you could also promote many other niches with that certain niche to provide more customers with more choices to choose from.


Here are a few niche choices that have just popped up online that are fairly new that you may find interesting especially if you ever wanted to know how to make money with trading online called binary options and another one for the health and beauty industry especially if you want to slim down and lose a few pounds.