Remember when you were a child at a young age with your brothers and sisters and maybe you even had a family furry pet, Or maybe you were just the only child with no brother or sister and no pet. Well if you can remember then it is what we call “reflections.” In this case we would say reflections of your childhood.


Sometimes reflections can be painful or negative, and sometimes reflections can be wonderful and beautiful. Basically reflections are a part of your memory in a certain time period in your life. Can you remember the movie called “The Wizard Of Oz?” I bet you can if you saw that movie.


Most of us can remember or I would say reflect back to certain times in our lives to bring up important subjects or people or things that had an impact on our lives. You may reflect on politics, such as the Presidents of your country. Some of you might think back on Sports teams that brought your city or country a championship.


Some of you might think back on relationships as an old boyfriend or girlfriend, or just being with your best friends. Some of you might reflect back on your friend such as your dog or cat and horse or gold fish.


Some of you probably can reflect back on a terrible storm that was very scary. Some of you can think back in time of the cars you had, and drove back and forth. Some of you can reflect back in time of the beautiful places you traveled to on vacation and the wonderful things that you saw and experienced.


Some of you can reflect on the experience you had while you were in the military and where you served your military duty at. Some of you can remember the different jobs you had and some of the co-workers you worked with.


Some of you can reflect back on your education, the schools that you attended and the teachers who taught you important skills for your life and future. Some of you can remember the different department stores that you had bought your favorite outfits from.


Some of you can remember or reflect back when you and your better half had your first child, and how beautiful that experience was for both of you. You liked it so much then you had more children. Then some of you had the wonderful reflection of getting married.


Since we are in the holiday season some of you might reflect back to the great times of Thanksgiving and the up coming Christmas season that is approaching us and how wonderful past Christmas’s were when seeing your brother’s and sister’s and spending time with your father and mother, and maybe even your aunt and uncle and other family members.


And like some of my family members and friends that I reflect on since they have died and that I shared my life with, I will reflect on the special times that I loved being around them especially on this holiday season, It means so much to me! My beautiful animals are also included in this reflection!


Reflections and memories can help you in your life and future, And  especially In this holiday season! Be Thankful and Humble and have Grace this year for the many things that you have done in this life, and shared with love one’s that you can Reflect back on in Time!