While I was preparing to leave out this morning from my resident, I was listening to a radio broadcast when a person called in to the station and made a comment. His comment was this, ” I feel that if you do not own some land or your own home, you should not be allowed to vote.” He was really upset that the voting rights bill was passed in the late nineteen sixties.


Another person came on the radio show and said ” That man is a bigot.”  Another person came on the radio show after this comment was said just previously, she said, “I want to change the topic and I hope it will be positive.” The radio announcer said to her, go right ahead and make your comment.


The lady said that her daughter and her were shopping at the grocery store,  they did not realize they had bought a lot of food. She said they had so many plastic grocery bags that hopefully they could get all those grocery bags in their vehicle.


She said, she was walking with a walker meaning she was disabled in someway, and that her daughter was in a wheelchair. She said that a white lady with blond hair maybe in her forties, and a young black girl maybe in her early twenties approached her and her daughter, and they grabbed  all the grocery bags and loaded all the grocery bags into the car for her, and her daughter.


She said, “I was just calling into the radio station to tell the women thank you so much for what you both had done for me and my daughter. I do not know their names but I just wanted to say thank you!” Tears just rolled down both sides of my face uncontrollable. The radio announcer said to her that was one of the best positive things I’ve have heard today since being on the air today, and thank you for calling in and sharing that beautiful and wonderful positive experience with us.


Like the bombing of the Boston marathon, There were many people that rushed to help the victims that did not know the person’s name whom they were helping. There was a need I call it for a good deed. It meant so much at that critical time to share their love, and comfort to help people to survive something that they would never imagine would happen to them in their lives.


We need to care for each other whether it be in bad times and more so in good times.  We need to share with our family and friends and be there for each other.  People that were hurt in the bombing and that is in the hospital are asking for the stranger that help to save their lives, they did not know them personally.


I  will say this, the man who said that people who do not own their own home or land should not be able to vote, would probably think different, If he was one of the many victims that laid wounded on that stain blooded sidewalk. I do not think he would of cared if somebody did not own their own home, as long as he was helped by them to save his life.


Where ever you live and whatever you do, just know that life is precious, and the people you know which is family and friends can leave from here at any unexpected time. It means a lot to spend and share quality time with them. Mother’s day is soon approaching and so special, let her know how much she is cared for and loved by you. You can’t imagine how much you will miss them once they have moved on.


Just try to do good, even if you have done bad before! You can’t imagine how much it means!