I remember as a youngster running track and my coach at the time was our P.E. teacher. Now those of you who do not know what a P.E teacher is well I will give you the meaning here. P.E stands for Physical Education. Every student had to take the course in “Physical Education,” beside the many other courses that were required for a student to take.


Physical education is vital in everyone’s life as a child.  Studies have shown that when children get exercise at an early age on a consistence basis that their overall health will help them in the long run of their lives. If children when young sit  around and watch television and play video games most of the time then chances our they may become over weight and obesity may happen to them as they become older in life.


Of course proper eating has a lot to do with it too! So I ask you this question, What value do you place on your child’s overall health in the long run? Well that was the question I had to face when running that long eight hundred and eighty yard race which is almost a mile long.


There was about 25 students running in that race and this one student was the favorite because he always won in that long distance race and he would always practice running longer than the required eight hundred and eighty yards by running a mile or a mile and half when he practiced.


Anyway my P.E teacher told me to try and keep close to him through out the race, and then to try to outrun him with about 25 yards to go to the finish line. So I kept my pace with him through out the race which I was in second place at the time, and when I saw the finish line which was about 25 yards away, I ran as fast as I could, and I passed him up with about 5 yards to go to the finish line, and won that long distance race!


I was so happy I did It!  Everybody was in shock because the other student was the clear favorite for winning this long distance race all the time that he has ran over the years. At the time I did not realize how important this was.


As I look back now at that moment in time as a youngster, It has occurred to me that every student that ran that race, finished whether they came in second place or last place. And I call it value because they did the best they could and finished that long distance race.


I would of been just as proud if I had finished in last place. The point is I tried my best and won, and even If I came in last place, I won because I completed the requirement of that distance to run that race and completed it.


I chose that distance to run because there are many choices to chose from for an example you had the 50 yard dash, the 100 yard dash, the 220 yard dash, the 440 yard dash, and the 880 yard run, and then the 1 mile run.


I had to make a choice of which one of those races I was going to run. Like in Internet Marketing you have to choose which program you are going to participate in. There are many and choosing one them or many of them will be a challenge!


In making that determination you will have to understand that making the choice is what value you are looking for in choosing the program or programs to participate In. If your value is to make as much money as you can, and as fast as you can. Then I will call that the 50 yard dash mixed in with the 100 yard dash race!


It is attainable but with a lot of competitors that are shooting for that gold. If your value is to make some money, but not as much and not as fast, let say 1 million in 1 year, then I would say you are in the 220 to 440 yard  dash run.


If your value is to compete in the Internet marketing race, and you enjoy helping others with valuable information they can use, and learn from, and answer any questions they may have to help them without any strings attached, meaning that you’ll charge them for the Information, then you are probably in the 880 to 1 mile long run distance race.


In understanding value in Internet marketing, It is a personal choice that we all will make, everyone knows their own situation, and has to choose best for themselves. Like in a marathon race there are world class runners who most likely will win that 25 mile long race.  But is the value to you in running that race to win or to compete or to complete that long distance race?


Value means many different things to many people! It is your choice! I can honestly say now that looking back as a youngster, I would of been just as happy to have gotten last place in that long race, because the value is not always about winning the race, It really was about finishing that long run race that really was the true value!